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Budapest Spring Festival 2012
The heritage of choir schools – Wandering in the Danube Valley, from Haydn to Lajtha
Túrót eszik a cigány, Tiszán innen, Dunán túl – among many other songs, these popular Hungarian melodies can also be heard at the concert of the world’s most famous boys’ choir, the Wiener Sängerknaben (Italian Institute of Culture, 24 March).
Descent - John Malkovich on the trail of a serial killer
Magnificent arias from Vivaldi, Haydn and Mozart, instrumental intervals by Gluck and Boccherini, two marvellous singers, a Viennese orchestra of international renown, a conductor keen on experimentation, and John Malkovich, an actor with a distinctive aura.
Stars return - Globetrotting artists at the Spring Festival
In 2007, at the age of thirty-three, he decided to take a rest and not give concerts for a year. But the return did not go as planned. A shoulder injury forced him to cancel his appearance at the 2008 Budapest Spring Festival, and soon the trouble turned out to be even more serious.
On the threshold of world fame - Young pianists at the Spring Festival
“I was born in the late seventies, in Brasov, Romania, at the foot of the hills. Which may be the reason why later I was so attracted to waterfronts. My parents are also musicians; my mother sings, and my father is one the best pianist and greatest musicians I’ve ever heard. At night they would perform in restaurants and hotels, and I had the privilege of listening to my father’s playing from underneath the piano,” writes Mihaela Ursuleasa, Romanian pianist of explosive talent in her curriculum vitae.
Welcome to the 2012 Budapest Spring Festival
László Lajtha, one of the most significant Hungarian musicians of the 20th century was born 120 years ago, in 1892. His immensely rich oeuvre – which includes composition and folk musicology, education and liturgical music – compares with those of Bartók and Kodály.
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