PROGRAM // 18. Oktober - 18:30
Örökmozgó Filmmúzeum

Black-White-Gray/director: László Moholy-Nagy
Gipsies of a Big City /director László Moholy-Nagy
Motion Picture /director: János Tóth
Dawn / director: Szirtes András
Studies. The Human Figure in Motion/ director: Gábor Bódy

A harmony of constantly moving light beams, various shapes and figures.

Gipsies of a Big City
Shacks at the edge of town. A woman bathing her son. Gipsy horse-dealers at the market.

Motion Picture
Experiments in creating new messages through unusual uses of moving images.

The micro- and macro-structure of an iron colossus, in shades of black and gray.

Studies. The Human Figure in Motion
Photographs of nude men and women, first by Muybridge and then by Bódy. The figures’ movement is transformed into computer-generated basic motion.

  2003. Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Kht. Minden jog fenntartva.

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