PROGRAM // 31. Oktober - 22:00
Bárka Színház
Cie Bud Blumenthal (B-Senegal)

Choreography and concept | Bud Blumenthal
With | Fernando Martin | Bud Blumenthal
Music and video | Antonin De Bemels
Lights | J. Jacques Deneumoustier
Costume | Cathy Peraux


The complexity of Rivermen’s continuously changing and renewing dance choreography is indeed reminiscent of a river’s flow, turns, depth, dynamics and sparkle. During the performance, the projected pictures acquire a new status: they go beyond the two-dimensional surface of the projection canvas to create a moving surface which helps the performance along, affecting the dancers’ bodies, transforming them. Groundscape is a fine combination of dual styles, with both African and Oriental elements. We see a “human landscape” on stage, shaped by two fantastic dancers. Having spent fifteen years in competitive sports, the Belgian choreographer, Bud Blumenthal took up yoga and tai chi. After studying choreography in America, he specialized in contact-improvisation and release-technique.

  2003. Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Kht. Minden jog fenntartva.

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