PROGRAM // 02. November - 19:00
Ferenc Molnár: Liliom Thalia Theater Hamburg

Director: Michael Thalheimer
With | Peter Kurth | Fritzi Haberlandt
| Alexandra Henkel | Anna Steffens | Markus Graf
| Benjamin Utzerath | Michael Benthin | Harald Weiler | Felix Knopp | Enidette Heuer
Scenery and costume | Olaf Altmann

This direction is an assault – and the director has gone far to deserve the noisy complaints mixed into the thundering applause heard in the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, at the end of an almost two-hour-long performance. Still, miracles happen: Molnár’s Liliom has survived the assault and remained as lively as if Büchner or Ödön von Horváth had written it. The play has been stripped down to the bone, almost bare of characters and text, turning a melancholy romance – about a quarrelsome man with a kind, tender heart under a coarse coating – into an ice cold tragedy of two taciturn people beyond help in heaven or earth.
[Gerhard Jörder: Die Zeit, December 14, 2000]

Ministry of Cultural Heritage, National Cultural Found

  2003. Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Kht. Minden jog fenntartva.

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