PROGRAM // 29. Oktober - 19:00
Ferenc Grunwalsky: Dancing Figure

A film of Andrea Ladányi | György Kurtág |István Nádler | Ottó Orbán
Contribuet on the evening: Andrea Ladányi and Gábor Csalog

The main character of the dance film of cinematographer-film director Ferenc Grunwalsky is the “Dancing figure,” whose path is paved with visions and ordeals. Andrea Ladányi, the only character of the film, is a distinguished figure in Hungarian dance. In the film, beauty and peculiarity, harmony and madness combine; in her passionate movements and gestures, one finds the distinctive features of acrobatics, classical and modern dance.

Coorganiser: BMC

  2003. Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Kht. Minden jog fenntartva.

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