PROGRAM // 22. Oktober - 21:00

Herbert Pirker (A) /drums
Ramesh Shotham (MAR) /percussion
Abdeljalil Kodssi (MAR) /vocal
Karl Ritter (A) /electric quitar
Dj Eargasm, Dj Sweece (A)
Painters: Gregor Germ (SLO), Gregor Pokorni (A), Sándor Bodó (H)

The e-jam performance series, launched two years ago by Udo Preis, initially aimed at building an international artistic network. Today, the network consisting of nearly 50 members include performing artists, DJs, jazz- and ethno-musicians. Various combinations of these people perform in various settings: indeed, the thrill of the concerts comes from the apparently strange, almost incompatible combinations of musical outlook: there are joint performances by great musicians representing traditional instrumental music and younger, more experimental e-musicians. At the festival, a live painting performance by Gregor Pokorny from Southern Burgerland, Gregor Germ from Maribor and the Hungarian Sándor Bodó spices the already piquant musical mix.

Supported by: Austrian Cultural Institute

  2003. Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Kht. Minden jog fenntartva.

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