Dear Friends,

This is the last year Budapest Autumn Festival held outside the European Union.

From May 1, 2004 on, we will not merely be part of Europe's circulation culturally, but will belong there economically, socially, and formally as well. Using the languages of art, we can say that we are a mere octave, a dance step, or a brush stroke away from the European Union.

Of course, this does not mean that the customary atmosphere of the festival should change after the EU accession; I can only express our hope that the EU membership will add to the beauty and splendor of one of our country's greatest cultural production series.

The festival's focus is yet again on dance, music, theatre, film, and the fine arts. We are welcoming the return of the Cirkus Cirkör company, showcasing a wide range of fantastic and dangerous acrobatic stunts and phenomenal juggling feats in a theater environment. The world-famous Arditti Quartet will be here, and György Ligeti's mardrigals performed in the Rudas Bath promise to be a real treat. Kamilló Lendvay's TV-opera, the Decent Prostitute will be shown in Kornél Mundruczó's rendering. Avid moviegoers will have a chance to watch the greatest achievements in Hungarian avant-garde and experimental film all gathered together.
  2003. Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Kht. Minden jog fenntartva.

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